Robot at Work

An industrial robot with a camera takes hundreds of macro pictures of the entire painting.
The individual pictures are stitched together to an ultra high-resolution image, which can be displayed
and magnified by factor 20 an more on any screen.

If the painting has a size of 75×65 cm you get a 264 times higher resolution than with a normal DSLR camera.

Making of



Working Process


Ultra High Resolution

  • sota_bild_1x1cm_robol_res_streicholz_org
  • sota_bild_5000x5000_streichholf_ausschnitt_gelb-Edit_998pix_lores

Detail from an oil painting (75x65 cm) cartographed with ROBOHOT (81'970 x 71'345 pixel)


 Detail from an oil painting shot with a normal DSLR camera (5760 x 3840 pixel)


Depth of Field

With a normal DSLR camera you have limited depth of field. Thanks to the stacking and stitching technology all levels become sharp.

illustration_dof_butterfly (1)_1600x600

With ROBOPHOT you can extend the range of depth of field.

illustration_dof_butterfly (1)_1600x600-2